We encourage freelancers, professional writers, and individual bloggers to write for us high-quality content to discount partner. You can submit an original piece for review that hasnt been published anywhere else, even on your website, with content written from your own experiences and professional knowledge. If the article is accepted, well review it and publish it. We maintain the right to approve or reject any submission without reason.

Below you will learn what benefits you will get by posting your guest posts on discount partner. What are our requirements, and what guidelines do you need to follow? We accept the following types of articles on our website. Before submitting your post, please read our criteria carefully. We accept content from the categories which are listed below.

What are the categories we cover?

A guest post must have a lot of material to be effective. The blog or post needs to be thorough and filled with knowledge that readers may use as inspiration. The blogs should inform readers about recent technologies, market trends, and other technological advancements. We are especially interested in postings or blogs on subjects linked to:

  • FOOD
  • PETS

What Are We Looking For?

To make sure that we approve your content, you need to understand what we are looking for from you as a guest post writer.

  1. Content should be around 1000  1500 words
  2. send your work in ms word
  3. all your stats and quotes should be linked to credible sources
  4. allow 1 no-follow link to your website
  5. write engaging and interesting content for the readers
  6. use a grammar checker to make your article grammatical errors free

Before you start writing, contact us via our email to pitch your guest post topic. Furthermore, add the topic and headlines you will cover in your article. Once we approve, you can start writing. We respond within 24 hours. Please remember that we reserve the right to reject the article if its only written to get a backlink and not add value to our readers.

You need to make a bio, which should be 35 words long. If your guest post meets all our requirements, we will approve it within a week and update you on your email. Write an article now and get maximum benefit for your brand.

Guidelines To Follow For Guest Post Writing:

  • The article should have proper headings (h2+h3), including bullets and numbers. Make sure to break down the paragraph to make it easier to read.
  • Write high-quality, informative, and unique content that adds value to our audience
  • Content should be written in english
  • After we have published your article on our website, you wont be able to use it again on any other sites.
  • It is advised to include images and videos of the highest calibre. It must be included in the article, be original, havent been published elsewhere, or be covered by a creative commons licence. Where applicable, it must also include the image source.
  • Every 100 words, add a pertinent, high-quality image to break up the text and make the content more fascinating.
  • Insert only those anchor text that adds value to your article and is related to the content.
  • The article should be free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • By submitting your guest post, you agreed that we will own the copyrights now and can change if we feel there is any need.
  • Things a quality content have

You need to know the field in which youll write your content. Good industry experience will result in excellent technical word selection.
If youre not the author, employ a writer with solid credentials in the niche where you want the content to be published. For higher writing quality, you can give the writer your industry knowledge.

Its crucial to be aware of current events in the sports world. Therefore, writing material appropriate to your audiences expectations will increase engagement.
Start your material strong when you write for us or on your blog so the reader will dive right in.

If youre unsure of the best keyword to use, pick a captivating title that clarifies something. Such a title may begin with the words how, why, when, where, or who.
How can you search for our popular categories

Below you will learn about our popular categories and how you can search guest posts related to them on the search engine.

Write for us travel:

if you have a keen interest in travelling or are a travelling lover, share your enjoyable and memorable experiences through your own words at discount partner. Write for us travel, and add value to our readers who are always interested in learning about new places, experiences, tips, and tricks to improve their journey.

How can you search for travel-related guest posts?

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  • write for us fashion


For all fashion lovers, discount partner accept write for us fashion guest post on their website, where you can post related to fashion. Write interesting, engaging, and informative guest posts about men, women, and childrens fashion. Below are the valid guest submission queries on search engines to find fashion-related guest posts.

How can you search for fashion-related guest posts?

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  • write for us sports


If youre looking for a guest post website for write for us sports, then discount partner is the best site for you. Suppose you want to discuss the latest news about sports, including cricket, tennis, football, or anything that speaks about sports. We encourage high-quality and engaging articles for our audiences, and thats what we are seeking from you as a guest writer. Find write for us sports through:

how can you search for sports-related guest posts?

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  • write for us lifestyle


Discount Partner is providing opportunities to guest post writers to submit unique, quality content regarding write for us lifestyle. Write for us, expand your article outreach, increase backlinks, and promote your website. Search the below terms to find guest post sites.

How can you search for lifestyle-related guest posts?

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are you an accomplished writer with love for farming and gardening? Were always seeking new authors who can offer their expertise, life stories, ideas, and research on write for us gardening. We want you!

You can share expertise, passion, and abilities with our readers as guest authors. You must focus your search on selecting the best website for your guest post. Here are a few examples of search techniques.

How can you search for gardening-related guest posts?

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  • pros and cons of submitting guest posts



  • Establishes online authority
  • Improved organic traffic to website
  • Building brand awareness
  • Creating networks



  • Reduces authority
  • Poor incorporation
  • Content syndication


Finally , how to submit your guest posts?

Get in contact by sending an email to contactus@couponmaster.co.uk . The guest post will be evaluated in light of the criteria above, and the evaluation procedure could take a few hours to 24 hours. Responses will be prioritised during working days; weekends and legal holidays are exceptions.

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