How Businesses Can Save Money On Bills

Your business bills - yes, they can be expensive, even bordering on extortionate at times, but with just a few savvy tips, you could potentially save quite a bit of money.

And, let’s be honest, the need to save money is likely well-needed, considering the difficulty so many businesses are currently facing.

Read on to find some handy information your company’s bank account will thank you for.

Scout Price Comparison Sites for Energy Suppliers

You really can save money on your energy bills by using price comparison sites, yet many believe that price comparison sites are mainly for individuals and families.

However, they’d be wrong!

Many price comparison websites specialise in saving businesses money.

There are often many additional perks to switching energy providers, besides saving money.

For example, providers often offer;

  • Cheaper rates for businesses
  • Fixed rates for longer-term contracts
  • A prioritised, tailored service
  • Energy-efficiency advice


It really does pay to shop around, so why not take advantage of some of the price comparison websites out there. Remember, there’s no obligation to purchase - you can quickly and easily receive a quote through a comparison site and simply take it from there.

Businesses often wish they’d considered comparing energy providers sooner, so we highly recommend trying them out.

Save Water and Energy in the Office

Keeping a watchful eye on the office water and energy usage is a vital yet often overlooked tool to help manage those creeping bill increases.

It’s a simple equation:

The less water and energy your workplace consumes = less expensive bills.

Plus, your business will be doing its thing to help the environment by consuming less, which is always an added bonus. Indeed, many people don’t realise that it takes a lot of energy to produce clean water, which equates to CO2 emissions. So by reducing your water consumption, you are actively helping reduce CO2 emissions globally.

Your energy or water provider should be able to help your business audit your current water usage and offer tailored solutions that will help you be more energy efficient by reducing and recycling where possible, for example.

Are you getting value for money with your current water supplier?

If you are already proactively taking these water-saving measures in your workplace, but are still finding that your water costs are too high, ask yourself, am I getting value for money with my current water supplier?

Quite often, despite the careful measures laid out to save money on water, the answer is a resounding NO!

If you are, it might be time to seriously consider whether you should switch water supplier to keep costs down. Since the water market is open to competition, switching is an easy process, and most of the time your new provider will take care of the whole process for you.

Really Understand your Heating System

Little else will stall staff productivity like returning post-lockdown to a cold or an overly warm office.

It might sound silly, but many workplaces overlook the fact that understanding the temperature and timings of their heating will not just in the long run help you save money; you’ll notice the difference almost immediately in your quarterly bills too.

After all, there’s absolutely no point in heating your office when no one is inside, yet many businesses are guilty of doing so. An easy way to solve this is to look at timers and settings to make sure you are starting to heat up the office an hour or so before anyone arrives and stop heating a bit before the end of the working day. You may also need different settings depending on the season and where your office is located.

It also helps to check for energy-saving settings on your appliances and electricals, so you can avoid spending money that could be put to a more practical use elsewhere within your business.

Final Thoughts

With so many businesses having to almost completely shut shop over the last year and a half, there is no doubting that times are tough.

BUT, by following just a few of these easy steps, your business is almost certainly guaranteed to save a significant percentage on its next bill.